We’re always on the lookout for strong brands that enhance our diverse portfolio of partners and take our programs to the next level. LEGACY Global Sports offers unique opportunities for our partners to engage with youth athletes at a time when they’re immersing themselves in the athletic endeavors that will shape their future. Our athletes and their families are passionately invested in our events and have a unique enthusiasm for the products and services that play a role in their favorite sports initiatives.


A partnership with LEGACY Global Sports can put your brand in front of countless elite youth athletes. Reach thousands of athletes in the transformative years of their sports careers.


In order to provide a premier sports experience, we’re always on the lookout for the latest and greatest in sports technology, apparel, and more.


Partner with LGS and activate your brand with an unforgettable youth sports experience.

At LGS, we value partners that share our passion for sports and events, and those who are equally dedicated to our mission of providing world class experiences for youth athletes and their families. We get to know our partners by creating nurturing relationships, understanding their business needs and offering tailored activations that generate results. Do you think your brand could benefit from a collaboration with LGS? Let us know by submitting the form below and we’ll get in touch!

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