Global Branding + Local Opportunity

LEGACY Global Sports is the world leader in elite youth sports

The key to owning share of mind and share of wallet is engaged passion.

Legacy Global Sports (LGS) is one of the few properties that offers an engaged passion opportunity and category exclusivity from end to end. From live events to digital community to retail showcases LGS is a world leader with a unique audience and media property.

Over 1,000,000 elite youth athletes and their families at over 450 exclusive youth sports events across North America and around the world every year — partnered with elite sports organizations such as the AAU, ProFootball Hall of Fame, Hockey Hall of Fame, Adidas, Bayern Munich and more. These elite athletes are engaged, committed and are youth leaders. Their parents and families and friends (and fans!) are in the upper tiers of income and education and fully share the passion.

This LGS audience connection offers a world-class opportunity for brands to engage with this elite audience, at elite events, on an elite platform. And by sharing their passion, partner brands will own the key to owning share of mind and share of wallet.

Demographic Leadership
  • Engaged and active elite youth athletes (8-17) and parents/families
  • Above Average Household Income / 2+ kids
  • Above average education
  • Heavy digital penetration
  • Both brand-influenced and brand influencers
  • Early adopters and leaders/brand ambassadors amongst all youth
Global Leadership
  • Tournaments, tours, events & academies year round
  • Focus on hockey, football, soccer & lacrosse, plus basketball and baseball
  • Offices throughout North America & Europe
  • Extend impact of celebrity athletes
  • Merchandising /LEGACY Hockey U / 4th Period Showcase / Sponsorships
Opportunity Leadership
  • Exclusive Global, North American, Regional and Local Sponsorships Available at All Elite Youth Sports and Events
Create your own LEGACY with a Unique Custom Partnership


  • Exclusive Partner for Tournaments & Events
  • Event Naming & Jersey Rights
  • Access to athletes and families at hotels & venues
  • Feature Brand Products & Services at events
  • Integration with Corporate Partner Branding
  • Local Retailer or Partner Promotions
  • Branded LEGACY Event Concierge Services


  • Product & Services Display
  • Demos & Offers
  • Signage and Branding
  • Local Brand Retailer/Outlet Info Booth
  • Branded LEGACY Event Concierge Services


  • Product & Services Display
  • Signage and Branding
  • Connect with Parents Programs


  • Partnership Online Branding & Marketing
  • Video Demos/Ad Display/Services
  • Special Offers
  • Virtual Product & Service Demos or Infographics
  • Social Media & Database Access


  • Coaching & Training Demos
  • Partner Branded Team Fundraising Program
  • Elite Youth Athlete Ambassadors
  • Branded Elite Youth Athlete Offers
  • Partner Product or Service Online Seminar
  • Sponsorship & Participation in LEGACY U Seminars
  • Local Retailer or Partner Promotions
Full Spectrum Sponsorship Partnerships with LEGACY

Now is the time to step up and own elite youth sports across North America, Europe and Asia with a LEGACY Global Sports Sponsorship. For full details contact info@legacyglobalsports.com.